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Differentiating allergic colds and colds due to infection

Almost everyone has had a cold. When a cold, the nose will runny, blocked, or itchy to sneezing. The causes can vary, but the most frequent are allergies and viral infections. Check out the following explanation about the difference between allergic colds and colds due to infection. Colds, or in medical terms called rhinitis, is a sign of inflammation of the nose. This inflammatory process functions to fight organisms, such as bacteria and viruses; or foreign objects, such as dust, animal hair, and cigarette smoke. Colds mostly only last a few days. But in certain conditions, colds can last up to several weeks, even several months. Difference between allergic colds and colds due to infection The main difference between allergic colds and colds due to infection lies in its causative factors. Allergic colds occur because sufferers have allergic reactions to allergens (allergens), such as dust, fleas, mold, fur or animal feces, perfume, cigarette smoke or vehicles, and cold weather.
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Benefits of Papaya Flowers Don't Lose with the Fruit

There are many benefits that can be obtained from papaya plants. Not only from the fruit, papaya flowers also have a variety of health benefits. One of the benefits of papaya flowers is to maintain heart health. Benefits of papaya flowers can be obtained because these flowers contain various kinds of nutrients the body needs, including potassium, sodium, beta carotene, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Various benefits of papaya flowers Although still being researched, there are various benefits of papaya flowers which are believed to be useful for health. The following are some of them: Maintain fluid balance in the body In the papaya flower contains various important nutrients the body needs, one of which is potassium. This mineral is needed by the body to maintain fluid balance in the body and support the work of muscles, nerves, and heart. Maintaining heart health The content of beta carotene found in papaya flowers is considered beneficial for heart health. Som

Utilizing Natural Dyes from Vegetables and Kitchen Spices

There are many choices of food coloring sold on the market to enhance the appearance of food. However, using natural dyes made from vegetables and herbs is more recommended, because natural dyes tend to be safer for consumption. Natural food coloring can be easily found at home. You can use various types of vegetables and kitchen ingredients as food coloring as well as natural flavor enhancers. Various Natural Coloring Materials There are various reasons for using food coloring. Among them is to make the food look more attractive, sharpen the color of the food, improve the appearance of the food, to give color variations to the food. But behind the attractive colors, artificial food coloring can also affect health conditions. Especially if the dye has not passed the food health test. Studies conducted on hundreds of children show that food coloring and preservatives of sodium benzoate can exacerbate hyperactive behavior. To reduce this risk, natural dyes can be an option. There